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Spear Phishing is not a game

What is phishing? Phishing is one of the easiest forms of cyber attack for a criminal to carry out, but one which can provide these crooks with everything they need to infiltrate every aspect of their targets' personal and working lives. Usually carried out over email - although the scam has now spread to social…
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Cultivating Excellence in Local School System

President of Pixel Factory Data Center Scott Brown knows the special skills Henrico CTE students can bring to the table. He - along with nearby tech company Richweb - has hired interns from Deep Run Center for Information Technology to work in his data center for years. “They’re self-starters. When you seed them with information, they take it and expand upon it,” says…
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All About The Failover

"Apparently, according to our network services guy, where the outage was happening on the circuit and the fact that it did not affect all URLs/routing did not register with our firewall, so we did not automatically fail over.  We had to force the failover and then manually reroute back after the outage was over." Thats…
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